IGNITE Sports Academy was formed in 2012 out of an idea to ignite a passion for Christ in the hearts of young athletes in the northeast region of Atlanta, Georgia through sports.


The founding members of IGNITE envisioned a youth sports league that focused on character development, excellence and integrity not only for players, but for all those involved including referees, coaches and parents. By developing intentional, life-on-life relationships with the league participants, IGNITE became something more than a simple sports league. IGNITE is now a way for any young athlete, regardless of skill level, to share his or her love of sports with others in a positive and encouraging atmosphere while receiving proper athletic training.


IGNITE currently has over 1,000 participants and continues to grow. 

What We Believe

What We Believe


Today’s culture is driven by competition. With young children, IGNITE creates a healthy competitive culture and gives kids a fun way to participate and grow their skills. Although we do keep score and there are wins and losses, our goal is to see encouraged athletes on both teams. This starts with the relationships that we build with league members, who are then able to impact the community.


IGNITE does not in any way neglect athletic technique and performance. We believe God has blessed many with exceptional athleticism and that it is important to cultivate such gifts through good instruction. All athletes will be instructed at a high level during the regular season and given an opportunity to develop their skills before moving onto a higher, more competitive level.


We are open to the entire community. There is no pre-requisite required to be a part of IGNITE!

Our History